Beef Type Classification Service

NBDC Beef Classification provides a scoring system to help breeders assess key aspects of cattle conformation.

Fourteen core traits are scored on a 1-9 scale, described in detail in the guide in the link below. These traits are grouped into three main categories (or ‘boxes’); body, Feet & Leg and Mammary.

Beef Cattle Type Classification Guide

The three boxes are then given a score and class. Finally, an Overall Score and Class is assessed for the animal.

Beef classification therefore aims to identify animals which are structurally sound, with functional udders as well as desirable size and muscularity.

The NBDC Type Classification Scheme currently evaluates over 130,000 dairy and beef animals every year. The NBDC classifiers operate an internationally recognised appraisal system which is used by the AI industry in the British Isles to provide reliable type proofs. 



Classification involves the appraisal of an animals in comparison to the ideal. An overall score and grade are awarded, according to the following scale:

Final Linear Score Final Grade
90-97 Excellent (EX)
85-89 Very Good (VG)
80-84 Good Plus (GP)
75-79 Good (G)
65-74 Fair (F)
50-64 Poor (P)


The NBDC Classification Team assess 12 breeds of cattle across the UK. The table shows all the breeds currently participating in the Type Classification Scheme.

Beef Breeds
Aberdeen Angus
Beef Shorthorn
British White
Irish Moiled
Red Ruby Devon
South Devon
Welsh Black

The Classifier does not require you to:

  • Wash or clip the animals
  • Lead them on a halter

NBDC Type Classification Fees


If you would like to book a classification, please contact:

  • Jackie Clark
  • +44 (0) 1923 695208
  • NBDC, Scope House, Hortonwood 33, Telford, Shropshire TF1 7EX