Pedigree Certificates

Please be aware that during the Proof Run, period pedigree certificates will not display the latest genetic evaluation data.This page will allow you to generate a registration certificate for animals in your herd.
  • To generate a certificate for an animal click the Select option next to each animal in the list to add it to a batch. A maximum of 10 per batch is allowed
  • Select Submit Batch to start the certificate generation process for the selected animals
  • Once the certificates have been generated you can download them to your device
  • Once downloaded the status of the certificates will be marked as viewed
  • You can filter the animal list using the sliders and animal search input box
  • You can have multiple batches processing simultaneously

Certificates may take a 5-10 minutes to generate. In this case you can log out once the certificate generation has started and a text message will be sent to you once the process has completed.

Generated certificates are available on the website for a 48 hour period only. After that you will need to generate a new certificate.