Independent type evaluation - the key to dairy cow longevity, welfare and profitable herd management

  • An independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of you herd:
    • See your cows through fresh eyes
  • Identify individual cow strengths and weaknesses to eliminate problems in your herd: 
    • Breed in good functional conformation
  • Enhance the longevity, health & welfare in your herd by identifying the correct type traits:
    • Reduce unnecessary rearing costs
  • Increase the financial value of your herd and importantly the young stock;
    • Increased asset value
  • Identify the best families to use high quality semen on:
    • Save on semen costs
  • Use the latest technology to plan your herds breeding for the future:
    • Improved longevity
  • Classification information may be used in the only truly independent mating program ‘WebMate’ Breeding decisions made easy
  • Sale figures show classified animals average over 100% more than non classified milking sale animals:
    • Improve your chances of increasing farm revenue Interested?


  • Arrange a visit: For Ayrshires call 01292 267123, all other breeds call 01923 695208.
  • If you milk record with Cattle Information Service then that’s all the paperwork completed. The classifier will have ALL your herd’s individual details.
  • When the classifier visits, they will require: 
    • The animals to be inspected individually on concrete All 1st calvers are scored. All other animals are optional
    • All relevant registration certificates for the animals to be inspected
    • It’s that easy!

The classifier does not require you to:

  • Wash or clip the animals
  • Lead them on a halter
  • Show them full of milk

What do I receive after the classification?

  • An official classification score for each animal inspected, endorsed by the classifier on all relevant registration certificates
  • Full assessment report on each animal together with a choice of three individual mating recommendations are provided
  • You decide the type of cows you want to breed. ‘WebMate’ locates the sire best suited to your needs
  • ‘WebMate’ will also provide the best mating for semen you have already purchased
  • The chance to re-run the matings at your convenience or after each official proof release directly from the NBDC website using your latest information via a PIN protected login.