Darren Todd Encourages the use of UK Indices at UK Dairy Day Seminar

Understanding the difference between figures quoted by different national breed evaluation bodies was the key messaging coming out of the seminar delivered by NBDC’s geneticist Dr Darren Todd at 2017’s UK Dairy Day. With many producers making the decision between GPLI and GTPI figures (UK versus US) when requesting genomic tests for youngstock, Dr Todd suggested if you are milking in the UK then the most sensible figures to use are GPLI as they are based on UK conditions.

The speaker suggested that knowledge of how each index is weighted can help producers with making informed decisions on sire selection which will suit the breeding goals of their farm. The seminar also discussed how genomic testing can help with identifying the potential of animals in the herd and how this data can be utilised in day to day management decisions.

For more information on the genomic services offered by NDBC to pedigree societies please contact Darren.todd@nbdc.uk