Number 1 young genomic TB Advantage sire - Powerplay

POWERPLAY ( Guarani x Cricket x Ramos ) from Mastergen is the number one genomic bull for the new TB Advantage trait, with a score of +3.2.

"TB Advantage is a new genetic index published by AHDB Dairy to help dairy farmers make informed decisions to breed cows which have improved resistance to bovine tuberculosis (bTB)"

POWERPLAY also excels across the board for the other management and health traits with +12.1 Fertility, -27 SCC and +0.5 Lifespan.

Another benefit for peace of mind are the exceptionally easy calving scores for both paternal and maternal at +1.8 and +1.4 respectively.

A2A2 Milk stands at +212 kgs with +0.10% Fat and +0.08% Protein so ideal for farmers looking for milk quality.

POWERPLAY daughters will be medium sized, strong and hardworking with great udders, and feet and legs.

The calves on the ground are already showing great promise:

‘I have 10 cracking Powerplay heifers on the ground, the eldest being 5 months old. I bought the bull due to his exceptional health traits and PLI. He hasn’t disappointed, the calves are thrifty, they were up straight away and keen to feed. They were all born with ease – even my set of twin heifers! With a good conception rate and his solid health traits, I look forward to using more Powerpay within my herd.’ (Mr Harrison, Cheshire).

Summarised with a PLI score of £583, breeders looking to improve profitability need look no further.

POWERPLAY is normally £15 per straw, but for one week only this incredible sire has been reduced to just £10 per straw!

Telephone 01823 430317 or visit for more information or to place an order.